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Word of Life Ministries oversees many gospel institutions and is linked with Kenneth Hagin Ministries in Tulsa, OK, United States. It was founded by the couple Bud and Jan Wright and is currently directed by Ap. Guto Emery. Its international headquarter is in Campina Grande, PB, Brazil. 


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Below are the organizations under Word of Life Ministries oversight.


Word of Life Churches

There are over 220 unities spreaded in every Brazilian State. Besides that, there are a dozen of international churches in the following nations: Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, United Kingdom, United States, Paraguay and Portugal.


RHEMA Bible Training Centre Brazil

There are 69 campuses in Brazil and two in Bolivia, one in each of the following countries: Angola, Argentina, Chile, Japan and Portugal. This is the main way to spread the Bible doctrines.


Word of Life Ministerial Association

It brings together over 600 ministers of the gospel as its associates.


RHEMA Brazil Alumni Association

It includes graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Centre Brazil. There are around 2,500 associates.


RHEMA Ministries School

It is an extension of RHEMA Bible Training Centre Brazil whose focus is to train ministries of the Gospel. Its main school is in Campina Grande and there are also three others whose location changes every school year.


RHEMA School of World Missions

It is an extension of RHEMA Bible Training Centre Brazil whose focus is to train missionaries to go on missions abroad.


Word of Life Missions Agency

It has tens of missionaries associated who are graduated at RHEMA Bible Training Centre Brazil. Besides being their representatives in Brazil, the agency supports the work developed by them.

Sunday 11am Service

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 St Paul’s United Reformed Church
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Life Groups

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 Oxford Street
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