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Our Bible School in London was launched in September 2019 and before this we had some inspiring taster classes to share God's Word and help bring answers to some common questions that many people ask, such as: Is the Holy Spirit really a person? What is His function in our lives?

Let's check in the Bible for the answer to these questions and then we will know the right answers!

Our Bible School London runs twice a week on Friday and Monday evenings at 7pm in Bayswater. Term starts in September and January and the Bible School courses runs for a year and a half to get your Certification.

The Word of Life Bible School is affiliated to the Word of Life Ministry (WOLM), which is responsible for overseeing the Word of Life churches whose purpose is enabling men and women to efficiently propagate the Gospel preached by our Lord Jesus Christ which is found in the Holy Bible.

Countless people have been positively transformed by the revelation of the Word of God. Are you next?

Joining the Bible School is your chance to Invest in your life and become a better version of yourself, fulfilling God's plan for your Life.

The Word of Life Bible School teachings transform people and families as well as help them to build a strong and capable faith that enables them to achieve lasting and practical results, both in their personal and ministerial life.

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ABC of FaithAuthority of Faith Devine Healing
Biblical ProsperityHistory of Redemption The Holy Spirit
Doctrine of ChristBiblical PanoramaKnowing The Father
Relationship With God Christian LeadershipFruit and Holiness
Great Commission Divine Plan For Family
GraceHistory Christian Church
Ministerial GiftsMinistering the Word

We look forward to welcoming you to Bible School..

Get in contact here to find out how to enrol at Bible School.

Grace and Peace to you.


Bible School Taster Class

Listen to one of our taster Bible Training Classes on the audio link below:

Bible School Taster Class Link

Reasons To Join Word of Life Bible School