Audio Messages 2017

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download Write down the vision
Pr Gleison Cabral
31th December 2017

41:27 min
download Jump in!
Pr Jourdel Lord & Pr Gleison Cabral
24th December 2017

36:45 min
download The Christmas message
Pr Simon Potter
17th December 2017

46:01 min
download A better Covenant than Abraham
Pr Gleison Cabral
10th December 2017;

37:17 min
download A higher level in Him
Pr Gleison Cabral
3rd December 2017

51:23 min
download Living out the love of God
WoL's Jesus Army
26th November 2017

45:10 min
download Doing the Word protects you from the world
Marina Cabral
19th November 2017

1:01:01 min
download Walking according to the Spirit
Pr Gleison Cabral
12th November 2017

56:15 min
download Producing the fruit of the spirit
Pr Gleison Cabral
5th November 2017

48:06 min
download Live in the power of God
Daniele Matos
29th October 2017

50:50 min
download Always believe God's Word above the circumstances
Pr Gleison Cabral
22nd October 2017

54:10 min
download Prophetic Prayer Declaration - Oct 2017
Marina Cabral
15 October 2017

13:24 min
download Come closer to God and receive
Marina Cabral
15th October 2017

1:03:23 min
download God wants you to be well, always
Arthur Matos
8th October 2017

56:15 min
download Living from the Power of God at work in you
Pr Freddie Cardoso
1st October 2017

51:00 min
download The Principles of Tithes and Offerings
Pr Gleison Cabral
24th September 2017

1:13:32 min
download Your prosperity is God's idea
Pr Gleison Cabral
17th September 2017

1:10:50 min
download A Life of Prosperity
Pr Gleison Cabral
10th September 2017

1:14:15 min
download Free to Prosper
Arthur Matos
3rd September 2017

54:52 min
download The Return of Jesus
Pr Michael Potter

39:48 min
download Faith based upon the Word of God
Pr Gleison Cabral

1:04:06 min
download The Foundations of Faith
Pr Gleison Cabral

56:31 min
download The importance of faith
Pr Gleison Cabral
6th August 2017

43:18 min
download Identify yourself with the Righteouness of God
Pr Jourdel Lord
30th July 2017

1:03:31 min
download What happened on the Cross
Pr Gleison Cabral
23rd July 2017

1:19:15 min
download From the Old to the New
Pr Thiago Dos Santos
16th July 2017

38:55 min
download Righteousness in the Old Testament
Pr Gleison Cabral
9th July 2017

1:02:47 min
download You are the Righteousness of God
Pr Gleison Cabral
2nd July 2017

1:02:46 min
download Take your Place of Authority
Pr Gleison Cabral
25th June 2017

57:04 min
download Knowing our Heavenly Father
Pr Jourdel Lord
18th june 2017

58:07 min
download Expecting the Manifestation of God’s purposes
Rev Guto Emery

WoL Conference 2017
Sunday 11th June 2017 - 11:30am

1:16:06 min
download Renewing your mind through the Word
Suellen Emery

WoL Conference 2017
Sunday 11th June 2017 - 10am

50:06 min
download Manifesting the Life of God
Rev Guto Emery

WoL Conference 2017
Saturday 10th June 2017 - 12pm

45:32 min
download Facing the fork in front of us
Pr Gleison Cabral

WoL Conference 2017
Saturday 10th June 2017 - 11am

26:04 min
download The Breath of God in you
Pr Augusto Bandeira

WoL Conference 2017
Saturday 10th June 2017 - 10am

43:58 min
download The Authority of the Believer
Pr Gleison Cabral
4th June 2017

43:31 min
download Faithfulness to the Gifts
Pr Gleison Cabral
28th May 2017

44:39 min
download The Power of Agreement in the Family
Prs Claire & Alain Morton
14th May 2017

54:47 min
download The faith that demands forgiveness
Marina Cabral
7th May 2017

55:01 min
download God doesn't change
Marina Cabral
30th April 2017

41:18 min
download Living by the Word
Pr Thiago Dos Santos
23rd April 2017

59:15 min
download Christ our Passover Lamb
Pr Jourdel Lord
16th April 2017

1:06:47 min
download Seeking to know God
Pr Gleison Cabral
9th April 2017

1:09:58 min
download Your connecton with God is your lifeline
Sylvia Lima

WoL Ladies Conference 2017
Sunday 2nd April 2017 - 12am

1:29:03 min
download You have supply well above your needs
Rev Jan Wright

WoL Ladies Conference 2017
Sunday 2nd April 2017 - 10am

37:13 min
download Be doers of the Word
Rev Jan Wright

WoL Ladies Conference 2017
Saturday 1st April 2017 - 7pm

52:00 min
download The life-transforming power of God
Sylvia Lima

WoL Ladies Conference 2017
Saturday 1st April 2017 - 4pm

2:13:28 min
download Take your place in God's Plan for your life
Sylvia Lima

WoL Ladies Conference 2017
Saturday 1st April 2017 - 12pm

1:14:08 min
download The perseverence that brings life changing results
Fabiana Cavalcanti

WoL Ladies Conference 2017
Saturday 1st April 2017 - 10am

5:11 min
download God Can turn-around your situation
Rev. Jan Wright

WoL Ladies Conference 2017
Friday 31st March 2017 - 7:30pm

1:09:19 min
download Keys to successful Prayer
Pr Gleison Cabral
26th March 2017

1:12:25 min
download The Prayer of the Righteous
Marina Cabral
19th March 2017

1:02:39 min
download Prayer - A Two-Way Street
Pr Gleison Cabral
5th March 2017

1:09:32 min
download The inward witness of the Spirit
Pr Jourdel Lord
26th February 2017

1:09:19 min
download Warm-up to the 2017 WoL London Ladies Conference
Marina Cabral
25th February 2017

1:05:05 min
download Growing in the Spirit Who leads us
Danielé Matos
19th February 2017

53:22 min
download Led by the Spirit through your spirit
Pr Gleison Cabral
12th February 2017

1:11:52 min
download Children of God led by the Spirit
Pr Gleison Cabral
5th February 2017

54:58 min
download Vision Sunday 2017
Pr Gleison Cabral
29th January 2017;

1:11:29 min
download Free indeed! - Redemptive Realities 03
Pr Freddie Cardoso
22nd January 2017;

42:21 min
download Redeemed! - Redemptive Realities 02
Pr Gleison Cabral
15th January 2017

1:20:38 min
download A New Creation - Redemptive Realities 01
Pr Gleison Cabral
8th January 2017

1:03:55 min

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