Audio Messages 2018

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download Evaluate your life
Gleison Cabral
30th December 2018

58:22 min
download Live the fullness of God's purpose in your life
Jourdel Lord
23rd December 2018

33:37 min
download Live in the victory of Christ
Michael Potter
16th December 2018

40:00 min
download Think like God thinks, think big
Jan Wright
9th December 2018

35:33 min
download Adding understanding to your tithing
Jourdel Lord
2nd December 2018

51:14 min
download Put your trust in Jesus - WoL Jesus Army
WoL Jesus Army
25th November 2018

43:46 min
download Declare the manifestation of His power
Arthur Matos
18th November 2018

52:37 min
download The ingredients of a successful Christian life
Gleison Cabral
111th November 2018

1:06:26 min
download Learn to recognise the schemes of the enemy
Jourdel Lord
4th November 2018

51:28 min
download Know your enemy to secure your victory
Jourdel Lord
28th October 2018

51:03 min
download Stepping out of your comfort zone
Arthur Matos
21st October 2018

52:58 min
download Being transformed by the renewing of your mind
Jourdel Lord
14th October 2018

45:11 min
download In Jesus you are free from fear
Lorenda Ford
7th October 2018

1:05:59 min
download Let the knowledge of God transform your character
Jourdel Lord
30th September 2018

56:48 min
download Trust God Who is always on your side
Marina Cabral
23rd September 2018

24:56 min
download Nurture your personal relationship with the Lord
Marina Cabral
23rd September 2018

51:11 min
download A heart of sacrifice and commitment
Jourdel Lord
16th September 2018

43:16 min
download Having a full relationship with God and with each other
Tony Cooke
9th September 2018

49:16 min
download God wants you to move forward and upwards
Tony Cooke
9th September 2018

38:07 min
download Jourdel Lord
2th September 2018

Sharing the Gospel from God's heart

51:20 min
download The heart behind the vision
Gleison Cabral
26th August 2018

40:38 min
download The peace of His grace through faith
Michael Potter
19th August 2018

50:35 min
download Let God's desires rule your heart
Jourdel Lord
12th August 2018

48:40 min
download Make the Lord the desire of your heart
Jourdel Lord
5th August 2018

49:32 min
download Honouring our relationships responsibly in Christ
Gleison Cabral
22nd July 2018

1:03:35 min
download God's Wisdom is in His Word
Thiago dos Santos
15th July 2018

40:19 min
download The fear of the Lord, the beginning of wisdom
Marina Cabral
8th July 2018

45:58 min
download Love leads to a heart of evangelism
Tony & Alex Fleege
4st July 2018

56:14 min
download The love of Jesus is without discrimination
WoL Jesus Army
24th June 2018

44:01 min
download Faith dynamics of the Great Commission
Jourdel Lord
17th June 2018

47:31 min
download Give no place to unbelief in the Great Commission
Jourdel Lord
10th June 2018

48:32 min
download Six steps to walk in the Spirit
Gleison Cabral
3rd June 2018

39:36 min
download Transitioning to the next level
Gleison Cabral
27th May 2018

39:57 min
download Your obedience measures your success
Guto Emery

WoL Conference 2018
20th May 2018 - 11:55 session

28:30 min
download Always speak the same thing
Gleison Cabral

WoL Conference 2018
20th May 2018 - 10:25 session

36:48 min
download Do not despise small things
Simon Potter

WoL Conference 2018
19th May 2018 - 19:25 session;

44:13 min
download Be dependent on the Lord through prayer
Sylvia Lima

WoL Conference 2018
19th May 2018 - 16:50 session

46:42 min
download Stick to the Vision of Excellence
Marizette Garcia

WoL Conference 2018
19th May 2018 - 15:55 session

29:06 min
download United, connected, and effective in prayer
Adriana Potter

WoL Conference 2018
19th May 2018 - 15:25 session

27:27 min
download Led by the Spirit of God
Arthur Matos
13th May 2018

38:44 min
download Seek the Kingdom first
Gleison Cabral
6th May 2018

54:28 min
download Read, listen to the Bible! It is food for your soul!
Jourdel Lord
29th April 2018

47:38 min
download Jesus is your peace
Janio Cesar
22nd April 2018

1:02:51 min
download Jesus, the interpreter of God
Janio Cesar
21st April 2018

1:12:12 min
download Set free to trust and obey Him
Vicki Penney-Rohner
15th April 2018

1:02:46 min
download Worry for nothing
Gleison Cabral
8th April 2018

59:39 min
download It's resurrection Sunday!
Gleison Cabral
1st April 2018

1:07:32 min
download Being transformed into His image
Michael Potter
25th March 2018

30:55 min
download The Foundation of Christianity
Gleison Cabral
18th March 2018

45:18 min
download It all started with a mother's obedience
Gleison Cabral
11th March 2018

43:28 min
download No such thing as spiritual holidays
Gleison Cabral
4th March 2018

48:45 min
download Do not neglect the simple message of the Gospel
Jourdel Lord
25th February 2018

46:57 min
download Walking in the fullness of the Spirit
Raphael Marx
18th February

47:20 min
download The practical dynamics of faith
Manu Marx

Ladies Day
Saturday 17th February 2018

45:41 min
download Handling pressure rightly in Christ
Gleison Cabral
11th February 2018

1:00:18 min
download Being dependent upon the Word of God
Marina Cabral
4th February 2018

50:17 min
download Understanding and obeying God
Luciana Ramos
28th January 2018

43:00 min
download Grow the Principles of the Seed in your heart
Pr Jourdel Lord
21st January 2018

47:21 min
download Vision Sunday 2018
Pr Gleison Cabral
14th January 2018

55:51 min
download Walking with God in 2018
Pr Gleison Cabral
7th January 2018

52:46 min

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