Audio Messages 2019

Download Name Play Duration
download Your purpose is fulfilled through unity
Paulinho Aguiar
20th October 2019

47:53 min
download It's better to give than to receive
Sinara Aguiar
20th October 2019

35:53 min
download Depending on Holy Spirit like Jesus
Jourdel Lord
13th October 2019

52:39 min
download We are Righteous not Sinners in Christ
Gleison Cabral
6th October 2019

45:59 min
download Digging deeper into God's Love
Jourdel Lord
29th September 2019

56:04 min
download Choosing love - Others before me
Augusto Bandeira
22nd September 2019

56:29 min
download There is grace for provision
Michael Potter
15th September 2019

33:59 min
download Knowing the Father
Marina Cabral
8th September 2019

46:56 min
download Discovering your grace-gifts from God
Jourdel Lord
1st September 2019

54:19 min
download WoL 2019 Mission's Sunday
Mission's Sunday Presentation
25th August 2019

1:14:38 min
download The Grace that gives us strength
Jourdel Lord
18th August 2019

1:06:10 min
download Christ the Healer
Gleison Cabral
11th August 2019;

55:23 min
download Living a life of peace and rest
Alain Morton
4th August 2019

53:25 min
download Have a proactive prayer life
Jourdel Lord
28tH July 2019

52:51 min
download Prayer Life Series - 2 - Overcoming anxiety through praying
Jourdel Lord
21st July 2019

1:11:19 min
download The grace still working
Luciana Princi
14th July 2019

1:16:28 min
download Prayer Life Series - 1 - Increasing the life of prayer
Jourdel Lord
7th July 2019

57:17 min
download Facing Challenges, Changing Behaviors
Marlon de Paula
23rd June 2019

34:30 min
download Living by the love of God: Foundations
Jourdel Lord
16th June 2019

55:58 min
download Let Jesus be the owner
Teresa Neves
9th June 2019

50:24 min
download Walking in Love
Francisco Neves
2nd June 2019

39:30 min
download Trust God's Word as the final Authority
Tiago Santos
29th May 2019

34:42 min
download The Interactive Church
Simon Potter
19th May 2019

40:00 min
download Breaking the Limitations
Matt Tapusoa
12th May 2019

38:16 min
download Faith Foundations
Gleison Cabral
5th May 2019

59:31 min
download Characteristics of the Christ-like Christian - 3- Faith
Jourdel Lord
28th April 2019;

59:01 min
download Resurrection Sunday
Jourdel Lord
21st April 2019

26:28 min
download Speak the Word into your life
Freddie Cardoso
14st April 2019

1:04:15 min
download Speak out your faith
Freddie Cardoso
13st April 2019

52:07 min
download 2019-04-07 Characteristics of the Christ-like Christian - 2- Endurance (part 2)
Jourdel Lord
7th April 2019

47:22 min
download Learn to get more familiar with His voice
Michael Potter
31st March 2019

45:55 min
download Do not park in your own mistakes
Marina Cabral
24th March 2019

47:24 min
download Characteristics of the Christ-like Christian

Jourdel Lord
17th March 2019

1:00:09 min
download Here to fulfil God's will
Arthur Matos
10th March 2019

55:53 min
download Understanding the love of God
Keziah Aguiar & Braulio Gallo
3rd March 2019

42:57 min
download The Gospel is Good News!
Jourdel Lord
24th February 2019

24:42 min
download Victory, victory, victory, in your spirit versus your flesh
Jourdel Lord
17th February 2019

53:41 min
download Learn to walk by faith in everything
Samuel Andrade
10th February 2019

1:11:48 min
download Vision's Sunday 2019
Jourdel Lord
3rd February 2019

1:18:18 min
download Following God's vision for your life
Jourdel Lord
27th January 2019

54:56 min
download Understanding the season we are in
Gleison Cabral
20th January 2019

41:28 min
download Discovering the Lord's vision for you
Jourdel Lord
13th January 2019

55:37 min

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